We’re playing at Safehouse Brighton next Wednesday with Plurals.

😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡

Safehouse, Brighton Wednesday 26th Nov 8pm

😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡 😈 💡

Also Simon McLennan will be showing Super 8 films with live soundtracks


recordings in progress

ws in broadoak studios May 2014

In May Wrrs were to be found recording at Broadoak studios. Mixing is now taking place in October so a Christmas album is looking hopeful! Keep an eye on the space marked Shop.


House of Voodoo

????||||||//////House of What?\\\\\\\|||||||?????

We’re participating in this frenzy on at the Folkestone Quarterhouse coinciding with the Folkestone Triennial.
WRRs have a set and TedV is operating the projections. Hope you can make it.
Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 7:30pm



AxonoxA No.1 Warrior Squares/Stasis 73 @ The Roomz, St Leonards on Sea TN37 6DJ BookFace


XmAs CaRd


The Bohemia Club presents: Eternal Tapestry

 A psychedelic pumpkin explosion!
Eternal Tapestry
with Unicorn Dad Vrs Robot Dad
Wednesday 19th October 8 – 11pm. The Brass Monkey, Havelock Rd, Hastings

WRR SQRRs are adding video voodoo for the night. Take some visuals home on a lovingly prepared DVD featuring 3 new W/S tracks! Limited to 20 copies.


Last night at the prom

Friday 30 September, 6 – 10pm. FREE

To celebrate the end of Project at Stade Hall arts programme (in Hastings) and the month-long Coastal Currents festival; Creative Coast has devised an evening of experimental performance and arts interventions within the gallery and on the Stade Open Space. Music and live sound improvs from WRR SQRS, Barking Toad, Christian Watson & Danny Pockets + artworks and interventions. More info:


Bass noise Expt

Album in the works * Bass Noise Experiment * coming soon * ish